Meet the Omidyar Network Communications Fellows 2020 Campaigns

Grassroots Collaborative

Put your communications skills to work helping Grassroots Collaborative and the Illinois Fair Tax Campaign win a ballot measure that will update the state constitution to make state income taxes more equitable.

Position location: Chicago, Illinois*
Key skills needed: Proven ability to write for different audiences; excellent team player able to meet deadlines; demonstrated commitment to racial, social, and economic justice.

Economic Analysis & Research Network

As a member of the Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN) team at the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) , you will help lift up state campaigns across the country aimed at raising and strengthening labor and employment standards and building worker power.

Position location: Washington, D.C.*
Key skills needed: Print, broadcast, and social media; message and narrative development; rapid response; strong writing skills.

For Our Future Michigan

For Our Future Michigan is ready to put you to work to make sure policymakers do their part to improve quality of life throughout the state for working families, including enhancing community public schools, holding bad actors accountable for polluting the water, and ensuring everyone has access to quality healthcare.

Location: Lansing or Southfield, Michigan (outside Detroit)*
Key skills needed: Story collection and storytelling; social media; connections in local communities.

Working Washington

Join Working Washington and you’ll be on the front lines of its Pay Up campaign , an effort aimed at establishing a local pay standard in Seattle and setting in motion a national movement for raising pay standards in the gig economy.

Location: Seattle, Washington*
Key skills needed: Strong writing skills; knowledge of multiple digital platforms; social media.

Congressional Progressive Caucus Center

As a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Center/Progressive Caucus Action Fund team, you’ll support a research, messaging, and storytelling effort aimed at making reimagining capitalism a priority for U.S. policymakers.

Position location: Washington, D.C.*
Key skills needed: Policy experience on relevant issues; message development; strong writing skills.

*All positions are currently remote due to the coronavirus outbreak. Fellows must have internet access and an ability to work from their present location. The campaigns will provide laptops as needed. When the campaigns resume in-person activities, Fellows will be housed at an office in the cities noted.