What is Omidyar Network?

Omidyar Network—often shortened to ON—is a global network of innovators, entrepreneurs, technologists, advocates, investors, activists, and organizations committed to addressing the most critical economic, technological, and societal issues of our time. You can learn more about us here.

What kind of experience do I need to have for the ON Communications Fellowship?

We are seeking individuals who are passionate about campaigns, communications, and policies aimed at building an inclusive economy. We are looking for people with 2 to 4 years of campaign and/or communications experience. Check out the full job description here.

Where will I be working?

We are working with organizations and advocacy campaigns in cities and states across the country. Our goal is to match Fellows with campaigns in their own community. Here is a brief description of the participating campaigns.

Do I get to choose which campaign I will be working on?

After the initial round of interviews, the campaigns will make the final choice. However, if you apply, you can indicate which campaign is your top choice.

Will I need to relocate?

We hope to place Fellows with local campaigns. We will consider relocation stipends on a case-by-case basis if necessary. Please be sure to indicate your willingness to relocate on the application.

All positions are currently remote due to the coronavirus outbreak. Fellows must have internet access and an ability to work from their present location. The campaigns will provide laptops as needed. When the campaigns resume in-person activities, Fellows will be housed at an office in the cities noted.

I have another job. Can I request a flex schedule or work part-time?

The ON Communications Fellow is a fully-paid (with benefits), full-time job for 12-15 months. The successful candidate is available to work for the campaign full-time.

Why does the Fellowship extend beyond Election Day?

As an ON Communications Fellow, you will provide the added capacity the campaign team needs to move their issue forward. While we hope that means victory on Election Day, your support will be critical in the months that follow, whether you are helping to put the plan into action or developing a strategy to regroup and try a new approach.

Who will I report to?

You will report to someone assigned by the campaign as your day-to-day supervisor. However, you’ll also get additional coaching and support from a member of the ON team who will conduct regular check-in calls with you and your supervisor and be available to you any time you need help.

So, will I work for the campaign or for Omidyar Network?

Omidyar Network is working with a fiscal agent who will handle payroll and benefits. You won’t be directly on the campaign staff, but you will report to the campaign office every day and be treated like staff. You’ll also have the added support of an ON program manager you can call on for coaching, advice, and support.

This seems like a fast process. How will I get up to speed this quickly?

As an ON Communications Fellow, you will start by participating in a virtual, two-day communications boot camp where experts from the field will help you sharpen media relations, messaging, research, digital outreach, and other communications skills. You’ll then receive ongoing coaching, training, and support throughout the year as you continue to build your communications skills while putting them to work on the front lines of a campaign that will create lasting economic change. There will also be peer-learning and networking opportunities with other ON Communications Fellows.

What are the salary and benefits?

Each ON Communications Fellow will receive an annual, gross salary of $60,000 plus benefits, including paid health care. The fiscal agent will take care of payroll taxes and other deductions.

When does the Fellowship start?

Applications will be considered as they are received and are due no later than 11:59 pm EST, March 31, 2020. Candidates who make it through the first round will be contacted for a follow-up telephone interview. This is a fast-paced process. We anticipate all 2020 Fellows will be assigned and ready to begin the virtual communications training by late April. You will be on the payroll starting with the first day of the training. Please note that due to the current coronavirus outbreak, all positions are remote until campaigns resume regular operations. Fellows will be expected to work regular hours from a remote location.

Why is Omidyar Network doing this?

We believe that to create an equitable economy, we must change the rules of the game, balance the scales of power, and look at the structural issues that led to an economy set up to value a wealthy few over the masses. To succeed, we must change how people think about the economy. The 2020 election gives us this opportunity. To seize this chance to successfully move the needle on this critical issue, organizations and campaigns need more communications support.