Is the Omidyar Network Communications Fellows Program right for you?

Are you committed to charting a new course for this nation’s economy? Do you have two to four years of experience with communications and campaigns? Are you ready to sharpen these skills? If you answered yes, yes, and yes, the Omidyar Network Communications Fellows Program may be for you.

As a paid, full-time member of the campaign team, you’ll join the front lines of a national, state, or local advocacy effort aimed at changing the way our economy works – to make it work for everyone. To ensure your success, you’ll start by participating in a virtual communications boot camp, where you will learn more about the campaign while building critical storytelling, messaging, social and earned media, and other outreach skills. You’ll then receive ongoing support and coaching as you play a key role in driving the campaign toward victory on Election Day. And, because a win on Election Day is just the beginning, you’ll remain part of the team as you work to put the hard-earned change into action.


About the Omidyar Network Communications Fellows Program

This election cycle brings an opportunity to change things up and create a world in which everyone – Brown, Black, or White – has an opportunity to get ahead and be part of a thriving society. Throughout the country, referendums, ballot initiatives, and other issue-based advocacy efforts are gearing up to win campaigns that will rewrite the rules of our economy and balance power to put people before profit.

Omidyar Network (ON) Communications Fellows provide critical communications support to these advocacy efforts, giving them the extra boost needed to break through an increasingly crowded news cycle and incite action—on Election Day and beyond.

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